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NAAQS on the Web

A Project by PowervisioN

Our mission: Combine the power of the web with analyses of EPA's proposed revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. You will find formal comments filed with EPA, plus articles and other stuff, systematically linked to EPA's official proposals and supporting documents. Plus a lot of stuff on OTAG and the parallel issue of controlling ozone transport.

Our goal : Provide visibility into this sea of information and argument.

But it is still a sea! The arguments are complex and demanding. The information can be technical and contradictory. Linking lets you to move quickly from one piece of an argument to another, and back again. But you have to study the documents to get what is going on.

If you dare, enter this sea of argument via the front page.

Caveats (best read after you have been inside for a while):

We are just getting started. There are only a few documents and too few links. Some links are very slow. The html isn't perfect. All the usual start-up stuff. It's already better than leafing through piles of paper, but we expect it to grow and ripen.

Helpful suggestions are immensely welcome!   dwojick@shentel.net

David Wojick, Project Manager, PowervisioN