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After two years of deliberation OTAG is transitioning to a comprehensive ozone transport control proposal by EPA. We have followed OTAG from the beginning. Here is a small collection of our stuff.

A caricature of OTAG by Otis Cook.

Electricity Daily articles:

OTAG's Final Recommendations (June 25/97)

Protest on utility emissions from the Utility Air Regulatory Group to EPA. (June 17/97)

Green-North East Pact Ended at OTAG. (June 3/97)

A commentary on Environmental Justice, residual nonattainment and NOx control disbenefits. (May 27/97)

A commentary on Half Truths on both sides of the transport debate. (April 14/97)

Ozone Transport Assessment Group (OTAG)

OTAG Air Quality Assessment Group (Science Stuff)