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Coal Processing


Coal that is going to be burned in solid form may go through a variety of preparation processes. The simplest of these is removing foreign material and screening for size. Large pieces may be crushed, or the whole mass pulverized to a certain size. Coal can also be washed or cleaned to remove contaminants. It is also possible to turn solid coal into a gas or liquid fuel, but these are much more complex processes, sometimes called clean coal technologies. Coal that is going to be used in steel making is processed into coke.

Trade Associations:

American Institute of Mining, Metalurgical and Petroleum Engineers

Regulation: Coal processing per se is not regulated. However, clean coal combustion technologies may operate under an air quality permit.

Government information:

Department of Energy carries out extensive research programs in coal processing technologies.
DOE's Energy Information Administration has statistical information on coal processing.
DOE's Office of Fossil Energy funds and coordinates research and development.
OFE's Coal and Electric Power lists the primary research programs.
The Clean Coal Technology Compendium contains data generated by the Clean Coal Technology Program.

Trade periodicals:

Coal Age is free to qualified readers.

Other sources:

Export Directory of UK Clean Coal Technologies. -- This directory provides a list of over 100 small, medium and large UK companies with expertise in the clean coal technology field. Published by the Dept. of Trade and Industry, UK.

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