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Trade Associations:

American Petroleum Institute

Sample of major oil companies:

The "seven sisters":
British Petroleum
Chevron Corporation (originally Standard Oil of California or SoCal)
ExxonMobile has recently been created by the merger of Exxon Corporation (originally standard Oil of New Jersey) with Mobil Corporation.
Gulf Oil, the seventh sister, merged with SoCal to form Chevron.
Shell Oil (originally Royal Dutch Shell)

Some other majors:
Amoco Corporation (originally Standard Oil of Indiana)
Atlantic Richfield Corporation (ARCO)
Marathon Oil Company
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Phillips Petroleum

Government information:

Energy Information Administration (home page).
--Petroleum menu page with links to many douments and databases.
--Country Analysis Briefs -- cover national and regional oil issues.

Trade periodicals and other publications:

PennWell has books, maps of oil fields and pipelines, directories and databases.
Energy Technology Data Exchange - an international consortium, owns the Energy Database, with over 3 million bibliographic citations of international energy research and development information.

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