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Oil Use


As a fuel, oil is used primarily in the form of gasoline and deisel to power vehicles. Thus it is the source of our mobility. Almost all cars, trucks, buses, boats, trains and planes run on oil. Significant amounts are also used to power portable devices and stationery engines. It is beyond the scope of this site to go into detail on the use of oil. But here are some suggestive links:

Trade Associations:

Air Transport Association - trade organization for the principal U.S. airlines.
Airbus Industrie - European multinational consortium of aircraft manufacturers.
American Automobile Manufacturers Association
- AAMA is the trade association whose members are Chrysler, Ford and GM.
American Petroleum Association represents major oil companies.
American Association of Port Authorities
American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

American Short Line & Regional Railroad Association
Association of American Railroads
Association of International Automobile Manufacturers, Inc. represents most major auto manufacturers.
Equipment Leasing Association
Galia - a European organization of automotive manufacturers and suppliers striving for better competitivity in the automotive industry. In French and English.
International Air Transport Association
International Cargo Handling Co-ordination Association
International Warehouse Logistics Association

Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) Canada - includes information about the Japanese auto industry in Canada, statistical data, investments, purchasing contacts, position papers and briefs, and links to automotive and trade related sites.
National Business Aircraft Association - represents the aviation interests of over 3,800 companies which own and operate general aviation aircraft as an aid to their business, or are involved with business aviation.
National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America
National Defense Transportation Association
National Industrial Transportation League

National Motorists Association
National Private Truck Council
National Truck Equipment Association
RINFO - Trucking Industry Web Links
Truckload Carriers Association

Yahoo Sites:

Business and Economy:Companies:Transportation
Business and Economy:Companies:Transportation:Maritime
Business and Economy:Transportation:Trucking
Business and Economy:Transportation


Oil-powered transportation is regulated in a host of ways, but it is beyond the scope of this site to go into them. Use of oil-powered stationery or portable equipment is in general not regulated, except for environmental and safety purposes.

Government information:

Department of Energy -- Energy Information Administration

Department of Transportation
-- Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS)
-- Federal Railroad Administration
-- Maritime Administration
-- Office of the Secretary of Transportation
-- Surface Transportation Board (STB)

Federal Trade Commission
U.S. Postal Service

Mexico's Institute of Transport January 2000 update: This URL was not working during this update.
Transport Canada

Trade periodicals:

Many of the Associations listed above have magazines and other publications. Here is some truck stuff:

Overdrive Online
Trucknet Trucking Magazines and Trade Journals

Other sources:

Council of Logistics Management
Institute of Transportation Engineers

Transportation Research Board
Transportation Research Forum
United States Council For Automotive Research

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